Edelweiss Group


Edelweiss Group is into financial services and they are the top investment bankers in the country. Edelweiss Financial Services Limited, is co-founded by Veteran Mr.Rashesh Shah, who is also the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Chairman. Initially Edelweiss group worked on private equity syndication, mergers and acquisitions & focused on advisory services. Edelweiss was founded in 1995 by Rashesh Shah and Venkat Ramaswamy. At Edelweiss Asset Management, they are committed to offer desirable services with an importance on teamwork . The Edelweiss Asset management business function is built on a Deep knowledge based foundation, backed by a strong track record and a verified business model.

Fund Manager at Edelweiss Group

Mr. Sahil Shah

Fund Manager

Mr.Sahil Shah has Experience in both buy and sell side of the business with above 8 years of experience as an equity research analyst. Prior to Edelweiss, Sahil worked at Anagram Capital Limited. Sahil has earned a CFA degree from ICFAI university.

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HEXAGON - Multi Cap

To deliver superior risk adjusted returns by investing in Small-Mid Cap companies which are mispriced and have strong earnings growth. Hexagon Portfolio PMS Theme:- Theme is derived from couple of universal investment hypothesis - Share Prices are slaves of earnings , Earnings improve either on increased sales or increase in margins.

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Rubik Equity Portfolio -  a multi-cap portfolio that invests in companies where promoters are gradually increasing their stake (promoter alignment). Rubik Equity Portfolio aims to generate outperformance using a potent 3 pronged framework: Promoter Alignment (“Insiders know more than Outsiders” – A promoter will know more about his own business than an Outsider would know. Hence his confidence in his own business says a lot about future earnings growth. “Self-interest is the Best Interest” – This is the behavioural aspect. Promoters tend to put fresh capital into their own business, only when they are confident about the success of the business. Better business prospects and growth leads to wealth creation over long term.), Core Analysis - Financial Test ( The universe of stocks identified during promoter alignment filter is subjected to stringent financial tests (CORE)), QVC Analysis - Qualitative Factors ( while CORE is a quantitative framework to eliminate companies with a poor past, QVC offers an insight into the future. Quality will focus on factors such as the competitive landscape, scalability and sustainability).

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